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The primary role of Detect Deter Defend is protecting you, your family, your business and your employees against crime. We compliment what the public sector has to offer by providing you with easy access to fully qualified, often police trained, Crime Reduction Advisors who have specialist knowledge of your personal, business and domestic needs.


Due to the pressure on police forces budgets it is inevitable that the police can no longer provide the same level of service in all areas. Crime Prevention is one such area with a significant reduction in police officers and support staff now available to carry out this task.


We are Independent security Consultants that provide a bespoke solution to the crime problems that occur in our day to day lives.


We are committed to developing the most effective, complete and cost effective solution on behalf of our clients. We do not supply the security equipment or products but will advise our clients on the most effective solution.


We are a fully compliant VAT registered company.


If you or business requires advice on how to reduce the opportunity for crime to be committed call us today for a free informal advice. We will be happy to help.

Our Objectives
  • To provide independent cost effective security advice
  • To promote the use of products and services that meet the required security standard
  • To ensure that the response is appropriate to the threat level
  • To promote the use of Crime Prevention through up to date news and advice on products and services